Accelerated Payer Insight for Optimising Patient Access


Until now most payer insights are gathered through advisory groups or in depth research.


Both of which can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Lightning API are on a mission to change the paradigm for strategic advice, in the hope to  support accelerate access for patients


Typical research programmes can take months to complete

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Our process can take anywhere between 5-10 working days from the go live data of the survey

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The process allows you to be in control of survey creation, eliminating the constant back and forth of questionnaire review. Changes are saved automatically as you progress. If you need support, we can be on hand to help with our team of trusted researchers and expert advisors. 

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You have the flexibility to select your blinded panel of expert advisors, from the national level of decision making all the way to the hospital level. expanding or removing scope is as easy as a the click of a button. The system operates using coins, each one representing one question with one payer. This allows you to track how much exactly a research programme will cost, in real time. 

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Once you have gone live the system will inform your panel from the profiles that you have selected and begin to complete your questionnaire. Results can be monitored and QC'd in real time as they are received, with a constant up date on the completion status of any give survey. Once all responses are filled a final QC is conducted by the in house expert team and delivered to you as raw results. If a bespoke report is required one of our consultants will be happy to help.

Why Lightning API?

  • On demand insight From and industry leading panel of global payer experts
  • Survey development With our easy to use survey builder and sample selection tool
  • Direct Reporting Verbatim responses to your critical business questions
  • Cost effective research Optimising the value of investment in payer insight
  • Consultant support Help is on hand for survey development and data analysis
  • Advisory support Direct access to our internal payer and industry experts with decades of experience